Master Key Week 8 & 9

“Focus Daniel Son, Focus” Mr Miyagi’s immortal words from the Karate Kid. I hear them all day long thanks to Mark and Fab Davene. Every time that old blueprint kicks in, this is what I tell myself.

After a great week 7 of the MKMMA (I was in Dubai) I wasn’t able to complete all the tasks, so when I got back to the UK (week 8) I was already slightly behind. Then, week 8 was a really tough one. I had to spend the week packing up my things in preparation to move out of my flat, because my ex and I have decided to go our separate ways. This was a particularly tough and emotional week for both of us and a very busy one at that. So again, things started to slip. I was getting behind on the assignments and really beating myself up about it. Those old habits were telling me, it’s too hard, you’re too far behind, just quit…. do the MKMMA next year…. so I reached out to my guide, Justin Leader. And then a great thing happened in week 9. We talked and he told me to stop being so hard on myself. Stop making perfection the enemy of the good. Have another look at OATS.

Like me, Justin is also predominately a yellow personality, and we tend to get bored, chase the fun times and lack focus!! there’s that word again “focus”. We laughed about how similar we are and how we always think we’re sooooooo busy, but really we’re making excuses and we can always find a little time for ourselves.

It was great talking to Justin, he really helped me take a step back and just breathe. It can seem hard at times, but that’s because we’re trying to chip away at years and years of conditioning… or concrete 😉

I’ve learned that one of my worst habits which I am currently re-programming, is that I tend to put stuff off until it feels overwhelming and then just do a marathon catch up session… So I’ll skip a couple of days and then suddenly do all my MKMMA work in one 8 hour sitting, but it doesn’t work like that and I’m learning to observe this behaviour and change it. So now things are much better, I’m doing little and often as opposed to cramming and not often and I’ve taken the pressure off myself. No wonder I couldn’t string more than one day of the 7 day mental diet together! haha. The fact is, if you break it down into manageable chunks, there isn’t that much work to do. It’s just been so long since I’ve studied or done a course that it feels alien to me. But now, I’m treating it as if I’m doing a masters…and it’s cost me £10,000, it’s that important. And behind all the excuses is really just one simple truth.

The hardest thing is not the work load, but the hard mental labour, the type so few are willing to give!

So Justin, if you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for helping me stay the course. Interestingly, he did say that often ‘yellows’ don’t complete the course, because our nature makes us chase the nearest shiny object, we get bored quickly and aren’t good at follow up. But I’ve now decided that this is my main challengeto finish the course.  This is the best thing for me, I’m am and will continue to break those old habits, and I’m actually enjoying the process again.

I thought the week 9 webinar was great! it was so insightful to see all the pieces of the puzzle coming together and realise their significance as a part of the whole. The 7 types of learning, the 7 ways we’re peppering our Subby, coupled with the 7 laws of the mind and the 7 day mental diet…. just brilliant. I’ve now managed to string together 2 days of no negativity…. my best so far 😉

I love Mark and Davene’s passion which is both infectious and uplifting. About 20 mins ago before I started writing this blog entry, I was thinking, it’s the end of the day…. just put the TV on and relax…. and then I thought….NO! focus daniel son! Instead of watching TV (which I’ve hardly watched all week) I actually watched the clip from the Karate Kid as a positive stimulus instead… and here I am… finishing my blog 🙂

I know that through each of us on this course achieving our DMPs and becoming self-directed, the world will be a better place and many many people will benefit as a result due to the law of compensation. Give more… Get more.

Thanks Mark, Davene and Justin. You guys are awesome.


2 thoughts on “Master Key Week 8 & 9

  1. Hey there Jules!
    Sorry to hear about you and your ex, that is never an easy or uncomplicated situation to deal with and I can’t imagine dealing with that within the challenges of this course. Justin is my guide as well! and talking with him helped me to get out of my slump and continue on after a death in the family a few weeks ago put me behind as well. It seems like you’re getting back on track and progressing nicely! I have been noticing some of my typical behaviors and trying to work to change those as well so as to better help me accomplish requirements and goals within the MKMMA. Good Luck! Let’s mastermind for sure! (I did reply to your request as well in the alliances area) Talk soon!


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