Master Key Week 10

What a week! I finally caught up with all my MK work. Some really good habits formed this week.

  • I hardly watched any TV, instead I chose to invest my time in the MK course and my NM business
  • I finally managed to complete the 7 day mental diet!!!!! this was huge.
  • I really enjoyed the sits… although I still struggle to do them at night, most of the time I prefer to do them in the afternoon, my imagination and visualisation is getting stronger every day. This is also incredibly helpful for my acting skills.
  • I formed an MKMMA alliance with Kami (one of the other students on the course)

Last week, I was definitely feeling overwhelmed… just read the blog post. But this week was great, things in my personal life have calmed down a bit and I was able to dedicate a week to this course. I feel really on top of it again.

But perhaps the best thing was managing to complete the 7 day mental diet and boy was that hard!!

It’s almost impossible to not have negative thoughts, as Emmet Fox says they will from time to time just drift into your mind. They key though is not to dwell on them or entertain those thoughts. Now, the law of dual thought and substitution really came to my rescue here. And I’ll explain how…

I re-started the 7 day mental diet on Friday 24th December (I’d already tried it quite a few times and only managed 2 days in a row). On Saturday and Sunday I had to move house…. now I knew this was going to be stressful (isn’t moving house supposed to be one of the most stressful things you can do) but I just made a conscious decision not to let it affect me in a negative way… when I couldn’t fit everything into the boot of my car and then had to make two trips, I just laughed about it. Instead of getting annoyed with the amount of packing… I just smiled and said to myself “Oh well, it’s gotta get done” or “worse things have happened” or “It’s just packing a box”. So by using the law of dual thought, I chose and this is the key, I chose to attach different, positive emotions and feelings to thoughts which would normally make me angry. And it was great!! It was such a refreshing and empowering feeling to know that you CAN control how you think and how your thoughts affect you.

I was feeling so good about how the weekend went that as I started the week on Monday I could feel things getting easier. I was really proactive and caught up on a load of MK work, didn’t turn the TV on when I normally would and started working on my NM business again! whohoo. I’m also doing the Go90 grow course and so I finished two complete modules in a couple of days, this had previously taken weeks to even finish one. When I did want to slip back into the old habit or negative bias, I also used the law of substitution to help. I would think of the opening night of the last play I did, or the time my ex and I climbed the highest mountain in England, the views of the beautiful lake district, or I would take out an index card and read it, or simply remember one of the many affirmations we say. It was great. The only time I felt truly susceptible to my mind, was first thing in the morning. Just after you’ve woken up and your mind is vulnerable to pretty much any thoughts, sometimes negatives ones would attach themselves…I observed this was happening a lot of mornings and so made a concisous effort to be vigilant…. like a cat watches a mouse (as Fox says)

As the week went on, I really began thinking that ‘I’ve got this in the bag’ (classic tortoise and hare) and funnily enough the last two days were probably the hardest… mainly because I’d let my my guard down! haha. Anyway, I managed to complete the mental diet on Friday 1st December.

A truly great experiment and one that I think has changed me a bit. I’ve been less negative since doing it, I’m able to laugh at things that would’ve normally made me angry or annoyed. I don’t really participate in negative conversations because… whats the point? You’re only hurting yourself and others around you.

I’d recommend this challenge to anyone who is willing to try it!





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