Master Key Week 11


This week has been about Fits and Starts. After completing the 7 day mental diet I was feeling pretty pumped…. but then out of nowhere…. the old negative thoughts starting creeping back in and I didn’t work hard enough to repel them using the 7 laws of the mind. It was kind of annoying! I thought I’d got control over my brain!! turns out… I don’t, but I’m much better than and I’m a much better observer which is KEY.

So all in all, some good days, productive, creative…..but also some bad days, procrastination, negative self talk, missing reads and sits! I just have to laugh at the way they crept up on me. That old bloody blueprint!

I’m not angry with myself, I’m not gonna beat myself up…because I don’t do that anymore, which I’m proud of.  I need to work harder, commit more, be the best student possible and most importantly be enthusiastic!! So that’s what a plan to do. I’ll put this week behind me and do better tomorrow.






6 thoughts on “Master Key Week 11

  1. That old blueprint I’ve found, _really_ likes to kick back with the Mental Diet. It just goes to show how powerful the exercise is and what progress you did make with it.
    And I love that you aren’t beating yourself up about it – I really think that’s key, just moving on and doing better now. That in itself seems to be evidence of a loosening blueprint to me. Let me know if/when/how you and Kami are masterminding. I’m looking forward to it!


    1. Thanks Katherina, I think you’re right. Definitely making progress but still a long way to go! What’s your email address? I drop you an email and we can start to build our mastermind group.


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