Masterkey Week 15

Starting to get back on track…finally.

I managed to do a lot more of the sits and reads this week (I’m still slightly behind though lol!) but I’m definitely feeling the flow a bit more.

Really enjoyed doing the Franklin exercise.. I chose to focus on Discipline this week because I feel that’s one of my greatest weaknesses. I get to distracted and if they gave out medals for procrastination I’d have a cabinet full of them 🙂

So I focussed on seeing discipline in people around me and in myself and I have to say it really helps. I chose to give up alcohol and smoking on the 1st of January (not a resolution mind you… we know they don’t work 😉 and I’m proud to say that I’ve stuck to it all week. I’ve been disciplined and seeing discipline in others has helped me during the pangs. I’m also reminded of Scroll 2…

“And most of all I love myself. For when I do I zealously inspect all things which enter my body, my mind, my soul, and my heart. Never I overindulge the requests of my flesh, rather I cherish my body with cleanliness and moderation.” 

This has helped hugely! And all the teachings have. There was a great webby a few weeks ago (I can’t remember which week) but it taught us about how people focus on effects instead of causes when they want change. There was an example about two people Al and Nancy who both wanted to be more generous in life and not be stingy.

So Al focusses his thoughts on not be being stingy, on not wanting to come across as tight-fisted, so that’s all he thinks about…how much he doesn’t want to be stingy and how he usually is stingy.

Whereas, Nancy focusses her thoughts on generosity, on giving to other people as much as possible, on recognising generosity in others and in herself.

Guess who became more generous over the course of a few weeks….. Nancy of course.

This is great exercise in ‘right thinking’, on focussing on the positive causes rather than the negatives. And so I’ve adopted this way of thinking when it comes to not smoking and drinking…. instead of thinking ‘I mustn’t smoke, I can’t, it’s bad for me, I’ve given up this thing I love because I have to… blah blah blah…” I’ve been focussed on loving my body and appreciating how good I feel and how thankful I am to be healthy and that I don’t want to choose to poison it.  “I cherish my body with cleanliness and moderation” And I have to say… so far so good. It seems now to me that this approach is so much more logical and productive.

I’m also trying to use the law of substitution when the pangs happen which also helps.

Other things this week… Scroll 4 is good… I’m not quite totally into it yet like some of the other scrolls but I intend to keep reading and exploring.

I’m still being slightly held back by a 2017 to do list which seems to have slipped into 2018 and a few times this week the TV has gone on when really I could’ve done something a bit more productive… but then again a lifetime of procrastination takes a long time to break! Objectives for this week and not only to complete all the Masterkey work and really feel it!!!! but also to start taking more action towards my smart a couple of these have actually slipped and as Hannel says.. if you say you’re going to do something then you better do it! or you’re setting up the habit of failure and that is not an option for me anymore!!! HELL NO! We’ve all come to far, there’s no turning back now. I want to be in front of this course not behind it anymore. That’s where the good stuff happens…:)





4 thoughts on “Masterkey Week 15

  1. Jules,

    You are nature’s greatest miracle, nobody can duplicate your brush strokes – NOBODY.

    When we cherish ourself and our bodies we are speaking to our subconscious mind that we are in control. I struggle with the same big 2. Drinking with friends (fun loving yellows) and then the smoking creeps in. So I have decided that if I don’t drink I tend to be able to stay away from the smokes. So I am now too putting the booze on the shelf. I only had 3 drinks one day in January so far. (out to dinner with my girlfriend).

    But yellows can’t stay away from the adventure of the football games, out in the crowds of the fun and familar peoples of London. This creates no fun, so what we do next will have to be fun?: Master key work, sits, writing,repeating affirmations, long exercise workouts at the gym (out with the people), coffee shop visits (no booze) or simply walking to the Tube and taking a ride to an exit we have never gotten off at before and just simply exploring. Of course this is all in place of booze and smokes.

    Just my take here….

    With much respect for your journey, .



    1. Thanks Justin, appreciate the advice. To be honest I’m doing surprisingly well with no alcohol or smokes. The booze is just for January but quitting smoking is permanent. Hope you’re getting on well with it too?


    1. Julia I’m so sorry for being useless and no replying sooner! You’ve left me some lovely comments and didn’t respond. I’m still here, the list is DONE… so no more excuses. Time to take some action.


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