Never seen this film before but heard loads about it and always wanted to watch it. So when it was one of the recommended films to watch during Week 14 it was really a no-brainer as to which one to choose. Although cool runnings was also tempting (but I’ve seen it like a million times!)

Rudy was a great watch, I saw it with my brother and we both throughly enjoyed it. I love that it was based on a true story. The guts and determination that Rudy shows is almost unbelievable. He overcame so many adversities, from his unsupportive family, his bad grades and learning difficulties, lack of money, his physical inadequacies…. the list goes on! I mean this guy had everything stacked against him BUT…. HE DID IT.

It was really interesting to spot the 4 principals of success throughout the movie. I’d been told to look out for:

  1. A DMP
  2. A Burning desire + Positive mental attitude
  3. Plan of Action
  4. Mastermind Alliance

Well, this movie was full of examples of these principals… since he was a child Rudy knew he wanted to play football for Notre Dame University, his DMP never changed, not once, he had laser sharp focus. So much of this is taught by Hannel! One thing I love so much is that Rudy even goes into the Coach’s office just to introduce himself and state his purpose “I’m gonna play for you”. Brilliant!

As for a burning desire…. Rudy’s passion and attitude is so positive and inspiring. Even when he gets knock back after knock back.

Rudy has a plan of action, he knows he needs the grades and to do that he needs to study and he needs help. Rudy also knows he needs the money to be able to afford the university, so he gets the grades his needs, he studies very very hard and he gets a job (working for the groundsman at the stadium) so he has enough money coming in.

Mastermind alliance! As Rudy goes on his hero’s journey he has various mastermind partners along the way who are there to lend a helping hand, advice, or words of encouragement. One of the nicest moments in the film is when the groundsman gives him a key to the office so Rudy can sleep there.

All in all a great film and a truly incredible example of PERSISTENCE! I love that the real Rudy went on to become a successful motivational speaker. Truly amazing.




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