MasterKey Week 16


What a week to focus on Kindness, this is such a great virtue to become more aware of, it’s everywhere, and once you start noticing it not only does it become more fun but you start to really appreciate things you normally wouldn’t notice. It’s puts a smile on your face and definitely makes me more grateful.


Some of the best acts of kindness I’ve witnessed this week happened just opposite where I work. You see, there’s a set of about 15 steps opposite the school which I teach at which lead to the underground station. I must’ve walked up and down these steps thousands of times, on the odd occasion I’ve helped people with their bags up and down the stairs when needed. But this week I noticed kindness on a huge scale at these steps, every single day at these steps, I saw random people helping tourists with their bags, mum’s with pushchairs, people giving other people directions and even a homeless man helping a family with their bags and not asking for anything in return. These kindness steps also helped to make me more aware of it all week and I even really enjoyed being kind to others and doing nice little things whenever I can. This really feeds into the whole ‘give more get more’ ethos of the course, I give with every encounter without expectation of reciprocity.

I also found that this week focussing on harmony and happiness as instructed in the masterkey week 16 was great and kept me in a good mood. Thought plus feeling is the irresistible combination.   An example of this, was that my acting agent got me a reallt great audition this week, it’s for a new musical show called ‘This is Elvis’ touring the UK. As a huge Elvis fan I was pretty excited and would love to have been a part of this show. The only problem was that they were looking for someone who could play the guitar very competently and sing at the same time, and to be honest I’m more of a actor who can sing rather than a trained singer if you know what I mean. I found out about the audition less than 24 hours before and had to prepare to sing an Elvis song on the guitar and perform it in front a very well-know UK theatre producer. Well, I did my best and got some great feedback, it was all really positive and honest, they didn’t feel my guitar was quite good enough. Instead of taking the rejection and feeling sad about it after, I chose to use the law of dual thought and just really the positives from the whole experience and I honestly felt pretty good about the whole thing, Sure I wanted to get the part but the experience gave me some ideas of what to work on more and they were really complimentary about my acting.

All in all a good week, there were a couple of missed sits and occasionally I start to revert to the old blueprint. I’m still procrastinating too much, and I’ve become much more aware of my scattered focus, I can never finish anything. And I know I still need to develop more self-confidence. But I’ve become more aware of all of these things which is very much a step in the right direction. On the plus side, I did do something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time which involved meeting with my Ex. it was very personal and needed doing and involved a kindness of sorts, it was definitely a weight lifted off my shoulders, as well a being a bittersweet.

Finally, I have to mention the members area this week, which has been a hive of positive and funny activity! Lot’s of members supporting, engaging and chatting with each other and so many kindnesses being shared. It’s been brilliant, and amazing to think that we hit the 8000 kindnesses target! That’s the power of belief.

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