MasterKey Week 17 HJ

Overall a pretty good week this week. I found the week 17HJ (Hero’s Journey) webinar particularly inspiring and reassuring. It’s interesting how much I fit into the pattern of the HJ. I was feeling a bit like I’m standing over the abyss, like it was make or break (see last week’s blog post). And I’m really glad I’ve decided to let go of the banana, let go of old ideas and continue to rediscover my authentic self.  It’s funny, the webinars always make me feel so pumped up after them, full of belief and optimism. Mark and the team do a great job of generating enthusiasm! The TED talk given by Aimee was fantastic, she’s an amazing example of someone with a DMP, PMA, MM, POA (that won’t make a whole lot of sense to anyone not on this course). And I love the way she changed peoples perspectives. Her greatest ‘perceived’ weakness is actually he greatest strength.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

She was driven by a purpose greater than herself, to transform the way disability is perceived.

I was left feeling a little bit like my DMP and PPNs are quite selfish after this though. When we were constructing them, our guides said they should be about our dreams and not other peoples (for example our family). And I thought, maybe my PPNS are quite selfish and not really about a cause greater than myself…. plus Aimee, The Strangest Secret in the World, Week 17 Haanel all talk about having ONE GOAL. ONE DESIRE. But I have at least 4 in my DMP…. so now I’m a bit confused to be honest.

So I decided to do a sit and think about this conundrum. I came to the conclusion that everything in my DMP is interlinked…and that when I realise my desires lot’s of people will have been and will continue to be affected in a positive way as a result. I’m still feel a bit split in two about my PPNS though. I’m trying to further my acting career and build a NM business…. should I just pick one and give it 100%…? This question remains unanswered. I shall continue to Ponder.


Anyway, Some highlights from the week:

  • Reached out and started actually connecting with other people on the MKMMA
  • Had a mastermind with another guy called Gareth, we masterminded about network marketing and have agreed to do some skills training over the phone one evening this week. We’re not even with the same company which is the brilliant thing, but we’re going to help each other practise some of the things we’ve learned on Marks other course Go90Grow.
  • I’ve exercised 4 times
  • This week I’ve been focussing on the virtue ‘Well-Organised’ and I’ve been noticing it more and more. Sometimes I forget to look out for it though, need to remember a bit more and the same with kindness. although I’m definitely more aware than before. So, this week I wrote out a plan using OATS, and have more of less stuck to it. Apart from being incredibly disorganised, I also have a short attention span and tend to drift off some………. oh look a squirrel in the garden….. sorry what was I saying…? Ah, yes…. I struggle to complete things sometimes, so I decided to use this new habit OATS and really plan out my week, with time slots and everything. Whilst, I didn’t complete everything, it did help me make progress towards my SMART goals. So this is a great new habit and one I intend to keep doing every week. I’ll also be putting slightly less things into the diary just to make sure I complete everything.

I’m looking forward to the coming week. I’m going to really put myself out there with my business and step into the unknown. No more refusing the call… it’s time to let the old-self die. In the webinar Mark talked about the 4 stages of grief.

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Grief
  4. Acceptance

I’ve definitely felt some of these over the last few weeks. And I think I might be in the grief stage with my PPNS and DMP. haha. And sometimes I’m in the denial stage when I don’t flash my cards, miss some sits etc.. But as Mark says”

As long as you move forward, even if it is inch by inch 

Reminds me of certain speech by a certain favourite actor of mine…


Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.  Joseph Campbell

6 thoughts on “MasterKey Week 17 HJ

    1. Julie! I didn’t know we lived on the same Island! albeit a few hundred miles away 😉

      That’s great we’re on the same time zone. Gareth is brilliant, such a nice guy. Are you also in NM?

      I might be speaking to Gareth later this week, perhaps we could do a three way call and practise some skills.

      my number: 07795425055

      I’m not running a marathon…. at least I don’t think I am… lol.



  1. You know me Jules. I have been posting in past weeks with comments and realized i wasn’t logged in so they were not posting to your blog area. This is worse than your ppn dilema.
    Keep growing! And with OATS you can schedule your fun items first. Or build it in that if you complete 6 out of 7 days with perfection you get to ride the tube to your favorite pub and have a pint. 🙂


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