Master Key Week 21

21 weeks….time flies.. sometimes I wish I could press the pause button! I can’t believe it’s been 21 weeks since we all started this course. Amazing, scary, educational, fulfilling, stressful, eye-opening, sad, happy, joyful, fun, overwhelming, grateful…are just some of the adjectives I would use to describe the last 5 months…but definitely wouldn’t change it. I may not be 100% there yet, but as someone said (I think Hannel) one a mind is stretched it’s impossible for it to retake it’s old shape or something along those lines.

Had a couple of really nice sits this week, starting to feel more connected to the universal, sends shivers down my spine sometimes. I need to keep going, and develop my concentration more. I find my mind still flutters around and sometimes I fail to sit in deep deep concentration.

I was really sick at the beginning of the last week and so I spent most of it in bed, thanks to a pretty horrible case of food poisoning. As a result I got a bit behind with the course, but I’ve managed to catch up, after all my word this week is persistence.

One other thing I’ve realised about myself since starting this course is that I reflect a lot, perhaps too much. I often daydream about the past, things I’ve done, people I’ve met, experiences etc…OG tells us that ‘I will not waste a moment mourning yesterday’s misfortunes, defeats, heartaches’ and I do agree. I’ve become much better at letting go of the kettle. However, I do sometimes like to reflect upon positive experiences, and past events, I sometimes think about people who aren’t in my life anymore who had a huge impact on my life and I think that’s ok. Because, by reflection and evaluation we can learn about ourselves, our decisions or just remember something that makes us smile.

The universe surprised me this week. I’ve decided to create an actors meet up group in London for two reasons. Partly as a way to connect and help other actors in London, to workshop and practise skills. Secondly, to connect with more people about my business. Before I created a group though I wanted to gauge interest, so I did a quick Facebook poll (these are great by the way) and put it on the Actors UK Facebook page. Then I logged off and went on holiday for 4 days. When I got back this week I checked the page and to my surprise more than 68 people had expressed an interest to join an actors meet up!! And a further 12 people had expressed an interest if the meet up group had a specific purpose. I definitely wasn’t expecting that kind of response and whilst I know that 68 people won’t turn up, it’s a great start. So next week I intend to organise my first ever meet up group for early March. This felt like a really positive step for me. BUT I MUST FOLLOW IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I WILL.

Other than that, just cracking on with those smart goals! I was kind of worried about the MKMMA course finishing but it actually coincides nicely with the G090Grow course starting, I’ve already been through all the go90grow material but i never engaged in the live skills, think and grow rich and name gathering webinars… so this could be perfect really, just as MKMMA is nearing its end and I’m feeling confident and more self-directed I can get stuck into go90grow properly this time and start making my DMP come to life!!

Peace x


9 thoughts on “Master Key Week 21

  1. I have to be honest, MKMMA doesn’t feel like it’s approaching an end to me; more like it’s approaching a hand-off point. Haanel’s book was always there without the course and it will always be there. There will be more scrolls to read in the Og, and we don’t need instruction to turn to the next one with each ensuing month or to make them present-tense on the fifteenth of the month. And we can keep adding and reading cards and doing services and recognizing shapes. It’s always going to be in us, now.

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      1. I feel both ways! I know its coming to an end and that’s scary, but it has also crossed my mind that I have all the material so I can still utilize and apply it 🙂 I think for me and maybe you too Jules is that without the webinar every week, or specific tasks and accountability from guides, masterminds, etc… will we engage on our own when we haven’t always stuck to all the tasks while the course has been going on.

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  2. Super excited for you Jules! A meet up group sounds perfect to help you, yourself, as well as many other actors in London! Anxious to hear how that goes (I need to connect with you on FB as well)
    I can relate to so much of your post! We are growing and expanding and we won’t ever be the people we were before this course 🙂

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    1. Glad we connected on FB. I’ll let you know how the Meet Up goes.

      Hope you’re well and so glad we’re still here. x


  3. Keep flexing your follow up, do it now muscles Jules. Write down on your card what needs to be done before next week. There is no fear in the course ending. You have the tools and you can reach out to me anytime. Begin to sit on a plan on how you will continue the habits you learned here with this course. This way you will hit the ground running in April.
    All the respect for you,


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