Master Key FINAL WEEK…

Well… the course officially finished two weeks ago and of course I’m late in writing my final blog post…. oh well… nothing unusual there… but I won’t beat myself up rather “I will laugh at myself for man is most comical when he takes himself too seriously” ūüėȬ†

It’s been an incredible 6 months, hard to believe it really. I’ve decided to enrol in the continuation program because honestly, this isn’t the end at all, it’s just the Commencement…. Once you’ve had a taste of the teachings and wonderful things happening inside the MKMMA, you realise that personal development is a lifelong pursuit and I wanna be a part of the MKMMMA for good. The ideas, theories, lessons¬† discussed and digested truly are food for the soul.¬† I’m so grateful to have been introduced to some of these great though leaders….

  • Hannel
  • Emerson (even if I do struggle with some of his material)
  • John Wooden
  • W.Clement Stone
  • Earl Nightingale
  • OG Mandino (my man!)
  • Joseph Campbell
  • Napoleon Hill
  • Emmet Fox
  • Mark and Davene Januszewski

To name just a few.

I’m going to try and write a quick summary of some of the things I’ve learned over the last 6 months….in no particular order.

New habits take an average of 6 weeks to embed. With the MK tips (cards and shapes) they take less time… an average of 3 weeks.

The subby doesn’t know sh*t, but it controls everything…you gotta feed it good stuff.

Thoughts + feelings = actions = results. It starts with thoughts.

Persistence is something you can develop. We developed persistence by creating new habits and then executing services and tasks.

I carefully sculpted sentences to create a DMP. Words are the highest form of architecture and the pathway to success…know thyself. We all have a purpose. You gotta write it down so you know exactly what you want. It has to be crystal clear.

I learned how to be kinder, more grateful and live in the present appreciating the gifts and miracles that surround me everyday. The happiness formula. I see great virtues in everyone and everything around me.

I developed my visualisation and imagination skills… I learned to listen to my soul. To sit in silence, to be connected with a power far greater than myself… the universal mind. This is a powerful exercise and something I will continue to do. It’s amazing to disconnect sometimes and just enjoy the silence.

Everything is in a constant state of movement. The answers are everywhere. Nature is perfect in every way.

The 7 laws of the mind… I love those guys. I completed the 7 day mental diet. WOW that was a breakthrough.

Met some amazing people throughout the journey, like-minded, beauties. Masterminds can be very powerful. God knows, I wanted to quiet many times, but some kind words/gestures from the other course members kept me going to the end, and I’m proud for finishing… even though the journey ain’t over.

KINDNESS! I’m kinder (I think, I hope). It’s all about GIVING. Give more get more. This mantra I will live by.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things, it’s impossible to sum up everything we’ve learned but I just wanted to name some of things that really stuck with me and will continue to do so.

I know I’ve still got so much to learn and I was far from the best student. I’ve realised a lot of things about myself that I still need to change. For example, I don’t always get things finished, I procrastinate so much to the point where I can’t even get going sometimes, I am bad at managing my time, truly awful and I try to do too much sometimes. Also, I don’t always do the homework, sits, reads, etc… and I find excuses for not doing them. But I’m glad I’ve had these realisations, it’s useful to know thyself, to be the non-judgemental observer. I will continue to develop and correct my bad habits.

All in all, I would recommend the MKMMA to anyone and everyone. I feel empowered, happy and purposeful. For the moment, I feel like I’m heading in the right direction, that I’ve found my purpose… but I’m also listening, knowing that at any moment that could change.

When your heart speaks, take good notes.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. 

Love Jules xxx

MasterKey Week 22,22a,23

Ok Ok… so I know I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks (3 actually) but I have a good excuse.. I’ve finished one of my smart goals, a huge goal actually for me and one I really didn’t want to do but ended up enjoying!

As an actor, one thing that you need to have in your ‘marketing arsenal’ is a ‘showreel’ this is basically a 2/3 minute video of you in different films etc… however, my current one was pretty bad and my agent had suggested that I get a new, better one made. Honestly, I couldn’t have agreed with him more, I’ve know that this needed updating for ages and is something I’ve been putting off, until the last few weeks! because I’m more self directed now.

So I set about organising to shoot a new reel which will help me get into better audition rooms and hopefully land better acting jobs…all part of my DMP.

I used a company called Slick Showreels, whose production company just happened to pick up an academy award for best Short Film…wow! great timing or what. So the last few weeks were spent, trying to choose good scenes to shoot, editing scripts/scenes, re-writing, finding locations, casting actors etc… and we were all set to shoot on the 2nd March (I had it in my OATS to have shot my new reel by the end of Feb so not bad)….. but then the ‘Beast from the East’ descended, for those of you who are wondering what that is.. basically it was a snow storm from Russia that hit the UK. Now whilst in Russia everyone was just going about their daily business not even batting an eyelid, here in the UK everything was total at a total Standstill. Trains down, roads closed, schools closed… you get the idea… and so the day before the shoot we had to postpone it because of the transport chaos…instead of being annoyed and stressed I found myself saying with a happy knack…”ok, no problem, we’ll do it next week”. I was master of my emotions!! and even though I lost certain actors and had to re-cast due to availability issues, it all worked out so well. In fact, I think it worked out better, I had more time to plan, I scrapped one scene entirely because in hindsight I decided it wasn’t good enough and re-wrote an entirely new scene myself. On top of this, I decided to throw caution to the wind and add in a whole other day of filming… so now I went from shooting 3 scenes in one day to shooting 6 scenes in days! Twice as much work! and double the Cost…What was I thinking? But then again, I know if you’re digging for Gold you can’t think about the cost of the shovel…if I worry myself over the price and focus on that.. then I will manifest poorer conditions… for me, I see this as investing in myself… investing in my DMP, investing in my future… and you can’t put a price on that. One decent job off the back of this and it’s paid for itself. I focus on abundance not lack.

I’ll admit I was a bit stressed trying to plan what was essentially the same amount of work as a short film in a week… but I mastered my emotions and plunged ahead!

Every time I felt fear….I plunged ahead

Every time I felt uncertain…I raised my voice

Every time I felt incompetent….I remembered past successes

I swear to you these little words make BIG DIFFERENCE.

So last Saturday and Monday we shot for two days… 6 actors, 5 different locations, 4 crew and it was GREAT. I even found some confidence in my own writing again, having written 3 of the six scenes myself…There was definitely a few moments when we were shooting when I starting doubting myself, my ability and letting fear creep in…but I used the various techniques above and others I’ve learned on this course to just smile and keep going and believe in myself. There was actually one moment when we were about to shoot one scene, a really emotional and dramatic one, when my old blueprint starting saying…. you can’t do this, it’s too much for you, just throw in the towel… but then I remembered the words of OG, Hannel and all fear melts away. Look, I don’t know if it’s all going to be great, and I could definitely have benefited from focussing on the acting preparation a bit more… and I know it’s not perfect, but the fact is, I did it and we can only learn from doing. Honestly, I’ve been dreading doing this showreel for months and months… but nows it done and I actually enjoyed the acting and writing process again.

Here’s some photos from the shoot:

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Now everything is with the Editors… so will be a couple of weeks before I get to see what it’s all looking like, but I’m on track to have a finished reel by the end of the month.

I’ve proved a lot to myself over the last couple of weeks…and now I find myself with a bit of spare time again so desperately trying to catch up with the Masterkey!! and move onto the next Smart Goals.

I will take so many amazing lessons away from this experience and carry them with me for the rest of my life. I am grateful for the MKMMA.


Master Key Week 21

21 weeks….time flies.. sometimes I wish I could press the pause button! I can’t believe it’s been 21 weeks since we all started this course. Amazing, scary, educational, fulfilling, stressful, eye-opening, sad, happy, joyful, fun, overwhelming, grateful…are just some of the adjectives I would use to describe the last 5 months…but definitely wouldn’t change it. I may not be 100% there yet, but as someone said (I think Hannel) one a mind is stretched it’s impossible for it to retake it’s old shape or something along those lines.

Had a couple of really nice sits this week, starting to feel more connected to the universal, sends shivers down my spine sometimes. I need to keep going, and develop my concentration more. I find my mind still flutters around and sometimes I fail to sit in deep deep concentration.

I was really sick at the beginning of the last week and so I spent most of it in bed, thanks to a pretty horrible case of food poisoning. As a result I got a bit behind with the course, but I’ve managed to catch up, after all my word this week is persistence.

One other thing I’ve realised about myself since starting this course is that I reflect a lot, perhaps too much. I often daydream about the past, things I’ve done, people I’ve met, experiences etc…OG tells us that ‘I will not waste a moment mourning yesterday’s misfortunes, defeats, heartaches’ and I do agree. I’ve become much better at letting go of the kettle. However, I do sometimes like to reflect upon positive experiences, and past events, I sometimes think about people who aren’t in my life anymore who had a huge impact on my life and I think that’s ok. Because, by reflection and evaluation we can learn about ourselves, our decisions or just remember something that makes us smile.

The universe surprised me this week. I’ve decided to create an actors meet up group in London for two reasons. Partly as a way to connect and help other actors in London, to workshop and practise skills. Secondly, to connect with more people about my business. Before I created a group though I wanted to gauge interest, so I did a quick Facebook poll (these are great by the way) and put it on the Actors UK Facebook page. Then I logged off and went on holiday for 4 days. When I got back this week I checked the page and to my surprise more than 68 people had expressed an interest to join an actors meet up!! And a further 12 people had expressed an interest if the meet up group had a specific purpose. I definitely wasn’t expecting that kind of response and whilst I know that 68 people won’t turn up, it’s a great start. So next week I intend to organise my first ever meet up group for early March. This felt like a really positive step for me. BUT I MUST FOLLOW IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I WILL.

Other than that, just cracking on with those smart goals! I was kind of worried about the MKMMA course finishing but it actually coincides nicely with the G090Grow course starting, I’ve already been through all the go90grow material but i never engaged in the live skills, think and grow rich and name gathering webinars… so this could be perfect really, just as MKMMA is nearing its end and I’m feeling confident and more self-directed I can get stuck into go90grow properly this time and start making my DMP come to life!!

Peace x


Week 19 & 20… off and on, off and on…

Well, I know it’s been a while since my last post (sorrrrrrry Mark and Davene) but I have been doing the work, not all of mind you, about 50% probably but that’s better than nothing.

Actually week 19 was quite a good one as far as I can remember. I kept planning my new showreel and am speaking with a company and fellow actors about shooting it. I read through a potential scene with an amazing actor friend, which was great. Fun to be reading scripts again. Making my new showreel makes me nervous though, to be honest¬† I find it quite stressful, I really want to get it right this time and it’s so hard to know what scenes to shoot, I know that it’s just fear and that stems from lack of confidence…. One of things I’ve really come to understand about myself, is that I’m such a confidence player… If I was a professional golfer, i’d be the wild card type…the player who on his day is unbeatable but 90% of the time is in the sand and hacking around in the bushes. If I’m feeling confident, I feel unstoppable as an actor. But when I don’t, I question myself and my abilities so much. It was the same when I played rugby, most games I’d play ok… I’d do enough but nothing special, just do my job. But then occasionally, when I was feeling super confident, it might have been a word from the coach or a teammate, or just some other reason and I’d have a great game. So I need to work on being more consistent and building my confidence more.

The other thing that’s happened over the past couple of weeks is that I’ve not been getting my OATS done. Again, I just put too much in my schedule, an unrealistic amount…which¬† i didn’t get finished and then I’d get angry with myself…. “setting up the habit of failure” “if you write if down, you’d better do it” etc… that’s early Hannel by the way…. so I decided that for the whole of February, I’m not going to do any work on my business, but only concentrate on acting/showreel related things… It’s a big goal and it’s important to get done.

I’m also remembering to have fun along the way… as my guide Justin would say, this is very important because I’m a yellow… he always reminds me to have fun along the way, which is great. This is part of the progression of being grateful for each day and living with Joy, not in the future but now!

At the end of week 20 I went on holiday for four days with some friends, I’m ashamed to say I took all my materials and didn’t look at them once…. honestly,¬† I was distracted.¬†It’s strange because reading the materials have become such a part of me now, that when I do read them, I feel great….but I STILL listen to that old blueprint and skip reads… thinking “nah, I’m tired, I don’t need to tonight”… it’s annoying. But I need to continue because they give me confidence and peace of mind and they challenge me… and I need more of all three of those things.

This is about transformation and being the best you can be and about everyone fulfilling their potential. I’m reminded why I’m doing this other than for myself when I went home a couple of weeks back to see my mum, and I realised how much I want my DMP to come true for her as well, so she can really enjoy her retirement and we can spend more time together as a family…. and this is a cause bigger than myself.

So need to be a bit more consistent…but I’m still pleased I’m here and even though I’m very off and on with this course.. I still think there’s a lot of value in it and in everything we’ve been doing.


Master Key Week 18

Not a huge amount to report this week. I’ve done pretty well with the reads and sits and not tangible requirements. Still missed a couple though.

To be honest this week, I’ve just been trying to take action and get some smart goals done. And I’ve been making progress. I’ve decided Feb is all about creating a new showreel for my acting and so I’ve been putting plans in place to shoot some scenes later this month. The goal is to have it all done by the end of Feb. Actually, I good idea came to me for a comedy scene whilst I was doing a sit. It wasn’t planned, more intuition… and I remember reading in one of the masterkey lessons a couple of weeks back that when intuition comes knocking you should welcome it in… and I’ve always followed my instincts so will continue to do so.

I also planned out my week using OATS again. One thing that I’ve really learned about myself is that I put slightly unrealistic goals on there, I try to do too much in one week and don’t end up doing everything…This is because I lack focus and follow through. But it’s great to know these things about myself and I’m glad I’m using OATS as it still helps me get more done and I’m learning how to be better at using it.

The word for this week was Self-Control, which I’ve had a lot of. I’ve exercised 4 times, I still haven’t smoked (for over a month now) and I managed to complete dry January (no alcohol) so I’m pretty pleased with that.

Still feel that I could step things up a gear in terms of enthusiasm, but I really enjoyed the TED about happiness, goal post moving, gratefulness and I can feel that I’m generally in a better mood and have more time for people, so that’s really good.

If I’m honest, kinda glad we’ve got a week off this week, just gives me a bit more time to digest everything and keep working on those smart goals.

MasterKey Week 17 HJ

Overall a pretty good week this week. I found the week 17HJ (Hero’s Journey) webinar particularly inspiring and reassuring. It’s interesting how much I fit into the pattern of the HJ. I was feeling a bit like I’m standing over the abyss, like it was make or break (see last week’s blog post). And I’m really glad I’ve decided to let go of the banana, let go of old ideas and continue to rediscover my authentic self.¬† It’s funny, the webinars always make me feel so pumped up after them, full of belief and optimism. Mark and the team do a great job of generating enthusiasm! The TED talk given by Aimee was fantastic, she’s an amazing example of someone with a DMP, PMA, MM, POA (that won’t make a whole lot of sense to anyone not on this course). And I love the way she changed peoples perspectives. Her greatest ‘perceived’ weakness is actually he greatest strength.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

She was driven by a purpose greater than herself, to transform the way disability is perceived.

I was left feeling a little bit like my DMP and PPNs are quite selfish after this though. When we were constructing them, our guides said they should be about our dreams and not other peoples (for example our family). And I thought, maybe my PPNS are quite selfish and not really about a cause greater than myself…. plus Aimee, The Strangest Secret in the World, Week 17 Haanel all talk about having ONE GOAL. ONE DESIRE. But I have at least 4 in my DMP…. so now I’m a bit confused to be honest.

So I decided to do a sit and think about this conundrum. I came to the conclusion that everything in my DMP is interlinked…and that when I realise my desires lot’s of people will have been and will continue to be affected in a positive way as a result. I’m still feel a bit split in two about my PPNS though. I’m trying to further my acting career and build a NM business…. should I just pick one and give it 100%…? This question remains unanswered. I shall continue to Ponder.


Anyway, Some highlights from the week:

  • Reached out and started actually connecting with other people on the MKMMA
  • Had a mastermind with another guy called Gareth, we masterminded about network marketing and have agreed to do some skills training over the phone one evening this week. We’re not even with the same company which is the brilliant thing, but we’re going to help each other practise some of the things we’ve learned on Marks other course Go90Grow.
  • I’ve exercised 4 times
  • This week I’ve been focussing on the virtue ‘Well-Organised’¬†and I’ve been noticing it more and more. Sometimes I forget to look out for it though, need to remember a bit more and the same with kindness. although I’m definitely more aware than before. So, this week I wrote out a plan using OATS, and have more of less stuck to it. Apart from being incredibly disorganised, I also have a short attention span and tend to drift off some………. oh look a squirrel in the garden….. sorry what was I saying…? Ah, yes…. I struggle to complete things sometimes, so I decided to use this new habit OATS and really plan out my week, with time slots and everything. Whilst, I didn’t complete everything, it did help me make progress towards my SMART goals. So this is a great new habit and one I intend to keep doing every week. I’ll also be putting slightly less things into the diary just to make sure I complete everything.

I’m looking forward to the coming week. I’m going to really put myself out there with my business and step into the unknown. No more refusing the call… it’s time to let the old-self die. In the webinar Mark talked about the 4 stages of grief.

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Grief
  4. Acceptance

I’ve definitely felt some of these over the last few weeks. And I think I might be in the grief stage with my PPNS and DMP. haha. And sometimes I’m in the denial stage when I don’t flash my cards, miss some sits etc.. But as Mark says”

As long as you move forward, even if it is inch by inch 

Reminds me of certain speech by a certain favourite actor of mine…


Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.  Joseph Campbell

Masterkey Week 17

YIKES! Where have the last 17 weeks gone?

Feeling a bit weird this week. Been doing the Franklin makeover and trying to focus on Courage (as I could do with a bit more of that). To be honest, I’ve been finding it hard to see examples of it, maybe I’m missing something but there just aren’t that many courageous moments in a day. Managed to find a few, but no way near as many as kindness or discipline. Maybe I should have been more courageous myself……?


I’ve also been struggling a bit with the Masterkey lesson this week. It’s about the power of concentration…deep thought focussed on a single object. But what object?? I get the theory, focus on causes not effects, focus on desire not the symbol it represents. The problem is, we have two PPN’s in our DMP, so which one do I focus on? One of my goals is to work at the National Theatre (PPN = Creative Expression) and the other is to hit RVP in my home business (PPN = Liberty) but which one should I focus on? I’ve found it hard to focus on one thing this week. On the plus side, I’ve become massively aware of how much I lack focus and my inability to see anything through, and honestly my lack of self confidence sometimes. It’s weird, sometimes I can be extremely confident in myself, I’ve performed on stage to thousands of people and packed out theatres (in one particular show wearing nothing but a towel), and other times I really doubt myself. At least these are useful insights to have as I can start to put better habits in place to remedy these character flaws and to apply the 7 laws of the mind more.


Also, with lesson 17 – are we supposed to focus just on the object of our desire and let our thoughts drift…? It definitely one I haven’t managed to get hold of this week and to be honest I’m quite looking forward to moving on.

Speaking of moving on, I’m now starting to wonder what happens at the end of the course, I know Mark and the team have an exit strategy, but if I’m being truthful, has this all been a bit of waste of time? because the fact is I haven’t stuck to this course completely 100%. And I’m starting to feel that because I haven’t put the work in everyday as required that I’ve got no results to show for it.

I’m even questioning my DMP now, I mean, I wrote down that I wanted to hit RVP in my networking marketing company, but again, I only ever got involved in Network Marketing as a means to fund my creative passions and help my family, I mean I like my NM company but I don’t live and breathe it. Acting has and always will come first for me, the NM business was supposed to give me the resources (time and money) to focus more on my love.¬† Now I’m beginning to think it’s a distraction, and I could put my efforts to better use! Argh!!! And the worst thing is that I don’t even really have a mastermind group to share these problems with, I’d love to hear about others experiences and share mine. I’ve made some half hearted attempts to join one but again… didn’t really follow up. And so after 17 weeks, I feel a bit lost and isolated (I don’t have tribe, or even really know what that means! just hear other people talking about it on the webinars) All this has left me feeling a little bit….


I wrote down on my DMP that I commit to working on my business 10 hours a week… here’s the truth. I haven’t contacted or called a single person about my business since we started the course…. Yes, I’ve been going through a lot of other stuff and have been extremely busy…. but seriously….. why the **** can’t I take action? Instead I bury myself in ‘training videos’ and ‘webinars’ thinking I’m learning more and more but the reality is I’m hiding from the real work, or the MAIN THING as mark says on the Go90Grow course, which by the way is amazing, although I wouldn’t know as I’m yet to actually use any of it. Urgh.

Wow, this post is so negative… A real ‘Pity Party’ hahaha.


I can only Imagine what Mark J would say to me! Probably something along the lines of…. “Are you done now?….can we get back to work?!”




Feels good to air some of these thoughts, even though I’m technically going against all the MasterKey teachings by even giving them life and entertaining them, but show me someone who doesn’t feel down sometimes. In scroll 2 OG says “I endure sadness for it opens my soul” and agree with him, if you never feel sad how can you feel the jubilation of happiness. It’s part of being human. And this blog is essentially just a stream of consciousness….. in fact, I’m starting to feel much better already just having got some of these thoughts off my chest, it’s therapeutic to write down ones thoughts. And now it’s time to let it all go… and I’m reminded of this little guy.


So I’m gonna look through some of my cue cards now and remind myself of everything I’ve learned. I’ve become an observer, I’m grateful for so many things, clean water, my health, my families health, love, food, shelter to name a few. I’ve become more in touch with myself and the power of thought through the sits, I’ve learned amazing things about the human mind, I’ve seen the wonderful effects of giving more, of kindness. I’ve seen this course helping others and many more wonderful examples.

So I’ll keep going, strangely I’ve always had tenaciously dogged persistence, that’s never been my problem, I’m a stubborn bastard and I always keep going. So I will carry on and I will commit myself more to the course with full faith that it will gradually influence my Thoughts and Actions so that I will become a self-reliant and successful person… (see what did there)

We are all natures greatest miracles.

See you next week ūüėČ



MasterKey Week 16


What a week to focus on Kindness, this is such a great virtue to become more aware of, it’s everywhere, and once you start noticing it not only does it become more fun but you start to really appreciate things you normally wouldn’t notice. It’s puts a smile on your face and definitely makes me more grateful.


Some of the best acts of kindness I’ve witnessed this week happened just opposite where I work. You see, there’s a set of about 15 steps opposite the school which I teach at which lead to the underground station. I must’ve walked up and down these steps thousands of times, on the odd occasion I’ve helped people with their bags up and down the stairs when needed. But this week I noticed kindness on a huge scale at these steps, every single day at these steps, I saw random people helping tourists with their bags, mum’s with pushchairs, people giving other people directions and even a homeless man helping a family with their bags and not asking for anything in return. These kindness steps also helped to make me more aware of it all week and I even really enjoyed being kind to others and doing nice little things whenever I can. This really feeds into the whole ‘give more get more’ ethos of the course, I give with every encounter without expectation of reciprocity.

I also found that this week focussing on harmony and happiness as instructed in the masterkey week 16 was great and kept me in a good mood. Thought plus feeling is the irresistible combination.¬†¬† An example of this, was that my acting agent got me a reallt great audition this week, it’s for a new musical show called ‘This is Elvis’ touring the UK. As a huge Elvis fan I was pretty excited and would love to have been a part of this show. The only problem was that they were looking for someone who could play the guitar very competently and sing at the same time, and to be honest I’m more of a actor who can sing rather than a trained singer if you know what I mean. I found out about the audition less than 24 hours before and had to prepare to sing an Elvis song on the guitar and perform it in front a very well-know UK theatre producer. Well, I did my best and got some great feedback, it was all really positive and honest, they didn’t feel my guitar was quite good enough. Instead of taking the rejection and feeling sad about it after, I chose to use the law of dual thought and just really the positives from the whole experience and I honestly felt pretty good about the whole thing, Sure I wanted to get the part but the experience gave me some ideas of what to work on more and they were really complimentary about my acting.

All in all a good week, there were a couple of missed sits and occasionally I start to revert to the old blueprint. I’m still procrastinating too much, and I’ve become much more aware of my scattered focus, I can never finish anything. And I know I still need to develop more self-confidence. But I’ve become more aware of all of these things which is very much a step in the right direction. On the plus side, I did do something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time which involved meeting with my Ex. it was very personal and needed doing and involved a kindness of sorts, it was definitely a weight lifted off my shoulders, as well a being a bittersweet.

Finally, I have to mention the members area this week, which has been a hive of positive and funny activity! Lot’s of members supporting, engaging and chatting with each other and so many kindnesses being shared. It’s been brilliant, and amazing to think that we hit the 8000 kindnesses target! That’s the power of belief.

Masterkey Week 15

Starting to get back on track…finally.

I managed to do a lot more of the sits and reads this week (I’m still slightly behind though lol!) but I’m definitely feeling the flow a bit more.

Really enjoyed doing the Franklin exercise.. I chose to focus on Discipline this week because I feel that’s one of my greatest weaknesses. I get to distracted and if they gave out medals for procrastination I’d have a cabinet full of them ūüôā

So I focussed on seeing discipline in people around me and in myself and I have to say it really helps. I chose to give up alcohol and smoking on the 1st of January (not a resolution mind you… we know they don’t work ūüėČ and I’m proud to say that I’ve stuck to it all week. I’ve been disciplined and seeing discipline in others has helped me during the pangs. I’m also reminded of Scroll 2…

“And most of all I love myself. For when I do I zealously inspect all things which enter my body, my mind, my soul, and my heart. Never I overindulge the requests of my flesh, rather I cherish my body with cleanliness and moderation.”¬†

This has helped hugely! And all the teachings have. There was a great webby a few weeks ago (I can’t remember which week) but it taught us about how people focus on effects instead of causes when they want change. There was an example about two people Al and Nancy who both wanted to be more generous in life and not be stingy.

So Al focusses his thoughts on not be being stingy, on not wanting to come across as tight-fisted, so that’s all he thinks about…how much he doesn’t want to be stingy and how he usually is stingy.

Whereas, Nancy focusses her thoughts on generosity, on giving to other people as much as possible, on recognising generosity in others and in herself.

Guess who became more generous over the course of a few weeks….. Nancy of course.

This is great exercise in ‘right thinking’, on focussing on the positive causes rather than the negatives. And so I’ve adopted this way of thinking when it comes to not smoking and drinking…. instead of thinking ‘I mustn’t smoke, I can’t, it’s bad for me, I’ve given up this thing I love because I have to… blah blah blah…” I’ve been focussed on loving my body and appreciating¬†how good I feel and how thankful I am to be healthy and that I don’t want to choose to poison it.¬† “I cherish my body with cleanliness and moderation”¬†And I have to say… so far so good. It seems now to me that this approach is so much more logical and productive.

I’m also trying to use the law of substitution when the pangs happen which also helps.

Other things this week… Scroll 4 is good… I’m not quite totally into it yet like some of the other scrolls but I intend to keep reading and exploring.

I’m still being slightly held back by a 2017 to do list which seems to have slipped into 2018 and a few times this week the TV has gone on when really I could’ve done something a bit more productive… but then again a lifetime of procrastination takes a long time to break! Objectives for this week and not only to complete all the Masterkey work and really feel it!!!! but also to start taking more action towards my smart a couple of these have actually slipped and as Hannel says.. if you say you’re going to do something then you better do it! or you’re setting up the habit of failure and that is not an option for me anymore!!! HELL NO! We’ve all come to far, there’s no turning back now. I want to be in front of this course not behind it anymore. That’s where the good stuff happens…:)






Never seen this film before but heard loads about it and always wanted to watch it. So when it was one of the recommended films to watch during Week 14 it was really a no-brainer as to which one to choose. Although cool runnings was also tempting (but I’ve seen it like a million times!)

Rudy was a great watch, I saw it with my brother and we both throughly enjoyed it. I love that it was based on a true story. The guts and determination that Rudy shows is almost unbelievable. He overcame so many adversities, from his unsupportive family, his bad grades and learning difficulties, lack of money, his physical inadequacies…. the list goes on! I mean this guy had everything stacked against him BUT…. HE DID IT.

It was really interesting to spot the 4 principals of success throughout the movie. I’d been told to look out for:

  1. A DMP
  2. A Burning desire + Positive mental attitude
  3. Plan of Action
  4. Mastermind Alliance

Well, this movie was full of examples of these principals… since he was a child Rudy knew he wanted to play football for Notre Dame University, his DMP never changed, not once, he had laser sharp focus. So much of this is taught by Hannel! One thing I love so much is that Rudy even goes into the Coach’s office just to introduce himself and state his purpose “I’m gonna play for you”. Brilliant!

As for a burning desire…. Rudy’s passion and attitude is so positive and inspiring. Even when he gets knock back after knock back.

Rudy has a plan of action, he knows he needs the grades and to do that he needs to study and he needs help. Rudy also knows he needs the money to be able to afford the university, so he gets the grades his needs, he studies very very hard and he gets a job (working for the groundsman at the stadium) so he has enough money coming in.

Mastermind alliance! As Rudy goes on his hero’s journey he has various mastermind partners along the way who are there to lend a helping hand, advice, or words of encouragement. One of the nicest moments in the film is when the groundsman gives him a key to the office so Rudy can sleep there.

All in all a great film and a truly incredible example of PERSISTENCE! I love that the real Rudy went on to become a successful motivational speaker. Truly amazing.