Master Key Week 12, 13 & 14 !!!!

What the hell happened!!


Well, Mark and Davene said the holiday period was going to be tough and boy were they right!! I can see why so many people quit around this time of year. The last few weeks have been so busy, but I think I have some legitimate excuses…. I mean I’ve just come out of a looooooong relationship, after moving around from different friends houses I then moved in with my brother and have been helping him renovate his flat with every possible spare bit of time I had, painting, building, sanding (oh the sanding) sawing, cutting, and pretty much everything else that goes with a flat renovation… evidence below! On top of that I’ve been selling my flat which I shared with my EX. You see, it’s been pretty chaotic, I’ve been living out of a dusty bag, sleeping on a camp bed in the lounge and we’ve been trying to get the place ready for Christmas because our mum was coming to stay with us and for the last few weeks it’s been a building site.

We managed to just about get it looking good when my mum arrived to stay for 12 days… then came the Christmas work/friends/social events, plus birthdays etc….We had a great time and a great Christmas. But to be honest my work on the MasterKey kind of ground to a halt. We’re talking one or two sits a week, a few reads of OG a week! I really considered just giving up…I mean… I got some good excuses right 😉 NO! and then I remember…

I will persist until I succeed. One step at a time is not too difficult. I will persist. I will win!

I’ve had this horrible nagging feeling for the past 3 weeks hanging over me, like a little voice saying…”keep going, you’ve come this far, don’t you dare quit, do it now” and the old blueprint has been making all sorts of excuses: “You’re too far behind, this is not a good time for you, you don’t need this course.”

The things that kept me going were the webinars, and reading but mainly listening to my DMP. Hearing and visualising it on my way to work, last thing at night….I can’t imagine not fulfilling it now. I know I’m not the best MK student, to be honest I’ve never been a good student and I know there’s people on this course who are probably much much more dedicated but I’m not giving up. I need to finish this course and I need to finish strong. I’ve run out of excuses now… Christmas is over, the flat is finished, I finally have a bedroom, I’ve sold my old flat which I owned with my EX and all that is left is to dig deep and DO IT NOW!! 100%!

I love this line from week 12 Hannel:

The only way to keep from going backward is to keep going forward. Eternal vigilance is the price of success. There are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential. You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.

And this one too…. It helps emphasise the importance of the sits, of being alone with your thoughts… and I couldn’t agree more.

The intention governs the attention. Power comes through repose. It is by concentration that deep thoughts, wise speech, and all forces of high potentiality are accomplished.

I also found the week 13 webby really useful. The testimonials at the beginning were great especially the story by Luc. It’s really inspirational to hear the stories of others who have been through the course. Week 13 is all about persistence!

Another thing that struck me is that I’ve been sharing my eperience with people, telling them bits and pieces about the master key (it’s hard not to when they ask why there’s strange colours and shapes all over the flat… lol) and it’s amazing to hear people’s responses…Initially I thought they’d be sceptical and judgemental.. but honestly the very opposite is true.  People are really interested in what I’m doing and you can see them lighting up, not that I’m trying to teach it or anything, I’m just explaining some of the concepts and ideas behind it and telling them about some of the exercises I’m doing and people respond really positively. After all you can’t argue with “I greet this day with love in my heart”. It’s infectious! 😉

Onwards and upwards…. here’s to 2018! The best year of my life.


Master Key Week 11


This week has been about Fits and Starts. After completing the 7 day mental diet I was feeling pretty pumped…. but then out of nowhere…. the old negative thoughts starting creeping back in and I didn’t work hard enough to repel them using the 7 laws of the mind. It was kind of annoying! I thought I’d got control over my brain!! turns out… I don’t, but I’m much better than and I’m a much better observer which is KEY.

So all in all, some good days, productive, creative…..but also some bad days, procrastination, negative self talk, missing reads and sits! I just have to laugh at the way they crept up on me. That old bloody blueprint!

I’m not angry with myself, I’m not gonna beat myself up…because I don’t do that anymore, which I’m proud of.  I need to work harder, commit more, be the best student possible and most importantly be enthusiastic!! So that’s what a plan to do. I’ll put this week behind me and do better tomorrow.





Master Key Week 10

What a week! I finally caught up with all my MK work. Some really good habits formed this week.

  • I hardly watched any TV, instead I chose to invest my time in the MK course and my NM business
  • I finally managed to complete the 7 day mental diet!!!!! this was huge.
  • I really enjoyed the sits… although I still struggle to do them at night, most of the time I prefer to do them in the afternoon, my imagination and visualisation is getting stronger every day. This is also incredibly helpful for my acting skills.
  • I formed an MKMMA alliance with Kami (one of the other students on the course)

Last week, I was definitely feeling overwhelmed… just read the blog post. But this week was great, things in my personal life have calmed down a bit and I was able to dedicate a week to this course. I feel really on top of it again.

But perhaps the best thing was managing to complete the 7 day mental diet and boy was that hard!!

It’s almost impossible to not have negative thoughts, as Emmet Fox says they will from time to time just drift into your mind. They key though is not to dwell on them or entertain those thoughts. Now, the law of dual thought and substitution really came to my rescue here. And I’ll explain how…

I re-started the 7 day mental diet on Friday 24th December (I’d already tried it quite a few times and only managed 2 days in a row). On Saturday and Sunday I had to move house…. now I knew this was going to be stressful (isn’t moving house supposed to be one of the most stressful things you can do) but I just made a conscious decision not to let it affect me in a negative way… when I couldn’t fit everything into the boot of my car and then had to make two trips, I just laughed about it. Instead of getting annoyed with the amount of packing… I just smiled and said to myself “Oh well, it’s gotta get done” or “worse things have happened” or “It’s just packing a box”. So by using the law of dual thought, I chose and this is the key, I chose to attach different, positive emotions and feelings to thoughts which would normally make me angry. And it was great!! It was such a refreshing and empowering feeling to know that you CAN control how you think and how your thoughts affect you.

I was feeling so good about how the weekend went that as I started the week on Monday I could feel things getting easier. I was really proactive and caught up on a load of MK work, didn’t turn the TV on when I normally would and started working on my NM business again! whohoo. I’m also doing the Go90 grow course and so I finished two complete modules in a couple of days, this had previously taken weeks to even finish one. When I did want to slip back into the old habit or negative bias, I also used the law of substitution to help. I would think of the opening night of the last play I did, or the time my ex and I climbed the highest mountain in England, the views of the beautiful lake district, or I would take out an index card and read it, or simply remember one of the many affirmations we say. It was great. The only time I felt truly susceptible to my mind, was first thing in the morning. Just after you’ve woken up and your mind is vulnerable to pretty much any thoughts, sometimes negatives ones would attach themselves…I observed this was happening a lot of mornings and so made a concisous effort to be vigilant…. like a cat watches a mouse (as Fox says)

As the week went on, I really began thinking that ‘I’ve got this in the bag’ (classic tortoise and hare) and funnily enough the last two days were probably the hardest… mainly because I’d let my my guard down! haha. Anyway, I managed to complete the mental diet on Friday 1st December.

A truly great experiment and one that I think has changed me a bit. I’ve been less negative since doing it, I’m able to laugh at things that would’ve normally made me angry or annoyed. I don’t really participate in negative conversations because… whats the point? You’re only hurting yourself and others around you.

I’d recommend this challenge to anyone who is willing to try it!




Master Key Week 8 & 9

“Focus Daniel Son, Focus” Mr Miyagi’s immortal words from the Karate Kid. I hear them all day long thanks to Mark and Fab Davene. Every time that old blueprint kicks in, this is what I tell myself.

After a great week 7 of the MKMMA (I was in Dubai) I wasn’t able to complete all the tasks, so when I got back to the UK (week 8) I was already slightly behind. Then, week 8 was a really tough one. I had to spend the week packing up my things in preparation to move out of my flat, because my ex and I have decided to go our separate ways. This was a particularly tough and emotional week for both of us and a very busy one at that. So again, things started to slip. I was getting behind on the assignments and really beating myself up about it. Those old habits were telling me, it’s too hard, you’re too far behind, just quit…. do the MKMMA next year…. so I reached out to my guide, Justin Leader. And then a great thing happened in week 9. We talked and he told me to stop being so hard on myself. Stop making perfection the enemy of the good. Have another look at OATS.

Like me, Justin is also predominately a yellow personality, and we tend to get bored, chase the fun times and lack focus!! there’s that word again “focus”. We laughed about how similar we are and how we always think we’re sooooooo busy, but really we’re making excuses and we can always find a little time for ourselves.

It was great talking to Justin, he really helped me take a step back and just breathe. It can seem hard at times, but that’s because we’re trying to chip away at years and years of conditioning… or concrete 😉

I’ve learned that one of my worst habits which I am currently re-programming, is that I tend to put stuff off until it feels overwhelming and then just do a marathon catch up session… So I’ll skip a couple of days and then suddenly do all my MKMMA work in one 8 hour sitting, but it doesn’t work like that and I’m learning to observe this behaviour and change it. So now things are much better, I’m doing little and often as opposed to cramming and not often and I’ve taken the pressure off myself. No wonder I couldn’t string more than one day of the 7 day mental diet together! haha. The fact is, if you break it down into manageable chunks, there isn’t that much work to do. It’s just been so long since I’ve studied or done a course that it feels alien to me. But now, I’m treating it as if I’m doing a masters…and it’s cost me £10,000, it’s that important. And behind all the excuses is really just one simple truth.

The hardest thing is not the work load, but the hard mental labour, the type so few are willing to give!

So Justin, if you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for helping me stay the course. Interestingly, he did say that often ‘yellows’ don’t complete the course, because our nature makes us chase the nearest shiny object, we get bored quickly and aren’t good at follow up. But I’ve now decided that this is my main challengeto finish the course.  This is the best thing for me, I’m am and will continue to break those old habits, and I’m actually enjoying the process again.

I thought the week 9 webinar was great! it was so insightful to see all the pieces of the puzzle coming together and realise their significance as a part of the whole. The 7 types of learning, the 7 ways we’re peppering our Subby, coupled with the 7 laws of the mind and the 7 day mental diet…. just brilliant. I’ve now managed to string together 2 days of no negativity…. my best so far 😉

I love Mark and Davene’s passion which is both infectious and uplifting. About 20 mins ago before I started writing this blog entry, I was thinking, it’s the end of the day…. just put the TV on and relax…. and then I thought….NO! focus daniel son! Instead of watching TV (which I’ve hardly watched all week) I actually watched the clip from the Karate Kid as a positive stimulus instead… and here I am… finishing my blog 🙂

I know that through each of us on this course achieving our DMPs and becoming self-directed, the world will be a better place and many many people will benefit as a result due to the law of compensation. Give more… Get more.

Thanks Mark, Davene and Justin. You guys are awesome.

MasterKey Experience Week 7….Good things are happening!

Firstly,  I just wanna say, I’m not the best MasterKey student. Sometimes, I miss readings, most of all my sits but I am genuinely trying. I do really enjoy reading Hannel, OG, Emerson, the blueprint builder, my DMP and the cue cards. And I find it puts me in a much better mood after reading them. I’m nicer to people, I feel happier and I don’t know whether it’s because of the Masterkey, maybe I’m giving off a better vibe or who knows but this week some pretty amazing things happened.

So, to start at the beginning…. I’m an actor and one of the statements on my DMP is that I want to work on a big TV series, and perform at the national theatre London (I’m from the UK).

National Theatre – London 

Last week, my agent called me to say that I had an audition for Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), which is the new financial hub of the Middle East. ADGM are making a big TV commercial with M&C Saachi. I’ve been to lots of commercial castings in my life and I’ve never actually managed to book a job. They’re pretty hit and miss.

ADGM – Abu Dhabi Global Market 

So, I went to the audition with a stinking cold and to be honest it wasn’t my best, I left the room and forgot all about it… which is something I’ve learned to do over the years. A few days later on Thursday, I got a call from my agent saying they wanted to see me again, so I went along and this time it went much better. The next day (Friday) I got a call saying they have pencilled me for the job, wow, I thought, that’s exciting. But I’m also aware that being pencilled for job doesn’t mean you’ve got it, they can quite happily pencil a handful of other actors. I asked my agent when I would find out and he said they would tell me on Sunday if I got the job and fly me out to Dubai on Monday. One of the hardest things about being an actor is having to juggle all the various jobs you have. I have a part time teaching job which pays my bills. So I had to cancel a whole week of work just incase I got the job because I couldn’t let them down on Sunday night and they would need to find someone to cover all my classes for the forthcoming week.

On Sunday, I’m waiting, reading Hannel, reading OG, reading my DMP and yet more waiting. Finally, my agent calls and says, “Ok so, it’s between you and another guy, you’re down to the last two, but they still can’t decide who they want, could you come back in for an audition tomorrow morning? Monday morning?”

“Of course I can,” I say.

On Monday morning, I go back to the casting studio for the third time, but this time, I’m on a call with the director in Dubai who is giving me some notes on my performance. We record a bunch more takes of the script and the casting director sends them off to Dubai for a decision.

I go back home and wait… more waiting…. So I read OG, my DMP etc… and potter around the house. I’m obviously very nervous and I’m also thinking that if I don’t get the job, I’ve just cancelled a whole week of work and will actually be out of pocket. However, after the week 7 webinar, I’m also consciously trying not to think negative thoughts, and I keep catching myself complaining, it makes me laugh.

My agent calls and says how ridiculous the whole thing is, that it’s unusual to be asked to audition so many times for something and also to be on standby at such late notice! Then he calls back at 4pm and says, they want you to pack a bag and be ready to leave for Dubai tonight. I oblige and pack my suitcase….thinking to myself how awful it will be if I have to unpack it again in an hour or two…. No wait, that was a negative thought, Argh!!! This is hard, haha.

At 6pm I get another call from my agent, “Ok, this is going to sound crazy but…. They want to fly you both out there (the other actor and myself) tonight and audition you again tomorrow in front of the client and all the creative team”


“Yeah, but they are going to pay you for your time, I’m just negotiating a fee, hang tight and be ready to leave.”

“Ok. I say.”

About 10 mins later, I get a call and my agent tells me the fee….I’m not gonna say how much it is, but safe to say, It’s more than I would make teaching at my language school in 2 months.

“So, let me get this straight… they are going to fly us both out there tonight, audition us both AGAIN tomorrow morning, and then pick the actor they want, but the runner up still goes home with a nice looking bank balance?

“Yep, says my agent, it’s a win win. So are you ready to leave?”

“Of course!”

We’re both pretty dumbfounded. Apparently this type of thing never happens.

Next thing I know, I’m in a car on the way to Heathrow airport for a 10pm flight to Dubai. I find out the other actor is called Daniel and we have a mutual friend in common. I look for him as I board the flight but can’t see him. The flight takes about 7 hours from London to Dubai, but they are also four hours ahead, so we land at 9am Dubai time. I haven’t slept a wink on the plane, I tried.. .god I tried, but no joy.


I get out at the airport and recognise Daniel from his picture. We greet each other and laugh about how crazy this whole thing is but we both agree that no matter what happens, we’re both gonna do alright out of it. He’s quite different to me and I think this is why they’ve been deliberating over this decision for such a long time. There’s two private cars waiting to take us to the casting studio. We arrive at the casting studio both absolutely exhausted, red-eyed and smelling of yesterdays clothes. I manage to quickly wash my face and clean my teeth. We’re told to wait in a green room, everyone is very grateful to us for making the trip and apologies for how last minute everything is.

Then the client arrives and Daniel goes in to audition first, he comes back after about 15mins, then I go in. I give it my best shot, try and take the direction and go back to the green room. Thankfully, Daniel is a real cool guy and it’a not awkward, its more just strange. At least it will make for a good story I say. We smoke a lot of cigarettes and wait. Daniel, tells me he has an audition for Netflix the following day so wouldn’t actually mind if he didn’t get this job, it means he could go home and prepare for it.

After what feels like forever (about 45mins), I mean we’re both struggling to stay awake, the producer comes in and says “Ok we’ve make a decision”… now I know how they feel on X-Factor boot camp I think.

We’re going to go with Jules….

What! I think I was too tired for it to properly sink in, I was like “ok great, thank you so much”

Daniel and I have a quick hug, he congratulates me and I wish him luck with his Netflix audition  Then they literally put him in a taxi back to the airport to get the next flight back to London. This is madness.

Then, I’m whisked off to an enormous Mall, where I meet the wardrobe stylist, Sam, and spend the next four hours trying on really beautiful, expensive suits, the type I’ve never owned 😉 (that’s humour not negativity)

IMG_7908 2

We have a quick lunch, then it’s on to finding shoes. You see, he has to take pictures of everything I try on and send it off to the powers that I mentioned earlier to make a decision.

At about 5pm, we’re done. Can I sleep now? I say meekly, not wanting to appear ungrateful but also aware of the fact that only a pair of toothpicks could keep my eyes open.

I get back to my hotel SUITE (never stayed in one of them either) which is enormous, I order room service (when in Rome) and have a quick swim in the rooftop pool. I eat my food and crash into bed, having set my alarm for 5am the following day…. Yeah, thats right, we’re shooting the next day at 6am!

I arrive on set the next day having only had about 6 hours sleep in 48 hours and it’s just….awesome! We’re in a huge green screen studio all day. There’s a big crew and loads of fancy cameras and kit, it’s pretty exciting.

Lots of coffee, pretending to be amazed by things that will be CGI’d in after, and 14 hours later we wrap for the day. Again, straight back to the hotel, a quick bite to eat and it’s back into bed.

Today is Thursday, I’m currently in a taxi being driven from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to start filming. I know I’m not gonna get many opportunities to write my blog this week, but I always keep my promises 😉

I’ll be out here until Saturday night when I fly home. It’s honestly such a dream come true and it couldn’t have come at a better time, the money I make from this job will allow me to teach a lot less for the next few months and really knuckle down with the MasterKey 100%, plus work on my home business and of course follow my bliss.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading and I wish you all the best.

I greet this day with love in my heart.


MasterKey Week 5 & 6 (oops)

So, last week I didn’t actually get around to blogging, but I managed to fulfil all the other requirements. I really tried, but the press release took me so long (it’s 5000 words) and what with all the reading, the blog just fell by the wayside. I have to say the MasterKey course is brilliant, but is fairly time consuming. I don’t mean that in a bad way, because I really enjoy the readings, the cue cards, the challenges, but sometimes life does genuinely get in the way. Anyway, I don’t want to focus on the negative stuff, I’d rather talk about the positive.

I love scroll 2 of OG’s greatest salesman in the world. 

It’s all about LOVE! the first sentence is “I will great this day with love in my heart”. The scroll continues to talk about the virtues of love and how it can affect and change those around us. Since reading these scrolls, I’ve actually had a conversation with someone which I’ve been putting off and it’s definitely worked out for the best. I hold no grudges, no regrets. I was inspired to do so by the teachings in scroll and everyone is all the better for it. So it goes to show, love really does conquer all!

I’ve ordered a compass which I carry with me always now which reminds me to love by the direction of intent and not to live by the clock. And, what was really lovely was that my mentor Justin posted me a compass and magnifying glass which was totally unexpected and a really nice gesture. The significance of the magnifying glass is as follows:

The power of attention can be more easily understood by comparing it with a magnifying glass in which the rays of sunlight are focussed; they possess no particular strength as long as the glass is moved about and the rays directed from one place to another; but let the glass be held perfectly still and let the rays be focussed one one spot for any length of time, the effect will become immediately apparent. 

Hannel 6:20

So, it’s great to have these little visual and tangible triggers near me all the time as they help me to remember to focus.

Greet the day with love in your heart. I always keep my promises.

MasterKey Experience Week 4!

As a freelancer, I have to juggle my time and my jobs constantly. It’s definitely one of the biggest challenges I face and that’s why this week I found it really hard to keep up with the master key course. I could feel myself getting behind on the assignments and the homework and as a result, I just wanted to jack it all in this week. I mean, I was so close! But then I emailed my mentor Justin and he wrote back:

“Don’t let the old blueprint take over you……Work, Commit to yourself, and you will have to sacrifice other things to fit it your reads, sits and dmp.”

I knew that my old blueprint was trying to make me quit, because that’s what I’ve done with countless other projects. But not this time! I’m catching up with the work, getting back on top of things. As Mark J says:

“Don’t let the Perfect be the Enemy of the Good” 

Because I’m a perfectionist I often think If I don’t know EVERYTHING exactly and haven’t done things 100% correct then what’s the point right?! Wrong! The work I’ve so far is still valid and is still worth it. I’m changing my old habits, which my subconscious, peptides even the very cells in body are fighting against but I’m determined to do it. It’s gonna take time to change those old habits and now it’s time to stop giving 60-70% and start giving 100%!


Master Key Experience Week 3

“In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits. Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure” – OG Mandino 

So week 3 got off to a much better start than week 2. Last week was a struggle, all my old habit were kicking in, being lazy, skipping some reading homework, putting things off and most of all making excuses like “I’m too busy”. And even though I am busy, there’s always time. We just have to MAKE IT. See what I mean below…




This week I’ve actually found myself craving the readings and daily tasks more and more. One of our tasks is to read a chapter from OG Madino’s Greatest Salesman in the World, and strangely I’ve found myself loving carrying that little book around. I feel naked without it! It only takes 5/10mins to read the chapter and even though I haven’t had a perfect clean sheet this week (may have missed a couple of readings! sssshhhh don’t tell Mark J) I can feel the new good habits starting to take effect.

As Madino says….

“When an act becomes easy through constant repetition it becomes a pleasure to perform, and if it is a pleasure to perform, it is man’s nature to perform it often. When I perform it often it becomes a habit and I become its slave and since it is a good habit then this is my will.” 

Nuff said really!

The week 3 webinar was really great, Mark and Davine did an amazing job of really burrowing down into the details of writing a DMP (definite major purpose) with lots of useful examples from previous students.

So all in all, a much better week. I’m not there yet, far from it, but it’s getting better all the time 🙂

The Beatles certainly seem to agree. x

Master Key Experience Week 2

This week hasn’t been the easiest, I’ll start with that.

Our main tasks this week have been to:

  1. Re-write our DMP – Definite Major Purpose
  2. Blog about the experience
  3. Write down our Personal Pivitol Needs – PPN’s
  4. Read the master key chapter 2 daily
  5. Write out a chore to be completed by Sunday 8th October
  6. Read my DMP 3 times daily
  7. Read Scroll 1 from  the Greatest Salesman in the World 3x daily
  8. Read out the blue print builder 2x daily
  9. Sit still for 15mins daily and practice concentrating my thoughts

So as you can see, there’s a lot of homework on this course and I’ve been struggling to fit it all in, I know it’s the old blueprint (everything I’ve conditioned myself to do thus far) just trying to tell me to give up, that I don’t have time. But I’m trying to form new daily habits because as OG says, we are all slave to our habits, so it’s better to be a slave to good habits. I really enjoyed writing out my DMP again this week, with the help from my Master Key guide. That was a fun process, really trying to narrow down my life’s desires and be specific about the things I want. I’m getting there, it’s hard to change the old blueprint but I know it’s worth it. At least my blog is now up and running, which was a very time consuming process, so adding new posts in the future will be much quicker and easier. I’m looking forward to next week. Off to do my chore now….

Master key Experience Week 1

Well, here we go! Having been accepted onto the Masterkey experience 2017, I’m genuinely very excited about the next 6 months, yes that’s right… it’s a 6 month scholarship. If you’re wondering what the Masterkey experience is, best to check out a video on Mark’s website.

Mark and Davene Januszewski (Mark J and ‘the fabulous Davene’ for short) are world renowned Network marketing professionals, trainers, teachers and all round legends and there credentials speak for themselves. I first stumbled across Mark J, also known as the world laziest networker, when I was struggling and looking for help building my Network Marketing business. What I found completely changed my approach, understanding and attitude to Network marketing. I’d been struggling for a while and I felt like no matter ‘how positive my attitude was’ or ‘how many no’s I could get in a day’ that I was doing something wrong….and as it turns out… I WAS!

I felt like for the first time here was a trainer who spoke directly to my principals, the way in which I like to conduct business and I really connected with the materials and free training that they both provide. I highly recommend doing some more research if like me, you were also struggling. Trust me, these two get it. They teach applicable, practical and transferable skills, they teach psychology, which is massive part of  building an MLM, and they uncover scientific facts about the subconscious mind, which is crucial to helping you build your business. After all, the ‘subby’ is the real one calling all the shots.

So it was without hesitation that when Mark and Davene opened up their yearly scholarship I jumped at the chance.

So what is the Masterkey Mastermind Alliance (or MKMMA)?

It’s a 6 month self discovery adventure with the aim of giving you a definiteness of purpose and creating thoughts and daily habits which will get you to where you want to go. I should stress it’s not a SELF HELP course, it’s about becoming self-directed. Not doing what other people want or following some set of rules or steps. But it’s about changing daily habits by re-wiring your thoughts, subconscious and in effect actions and results.

So here we are in week 1 and to be honest I’m a tiny bit overwhelmed, there’s a lot of reading material to get through, new habits to create (like writing this blog once a week which is a course requirement) and various other homework. But I’m enjoying it, as they say without challenge comes no change.

If I’m totally honest I’ve missed a few of the daily habits as I keep slipping back into the old blueprint but I’m going to keep going and get better at managing my time. Better stop writing now, gotta go do some more reading!

Stay tuned for weekly updates.

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