Master Key Week 18

Not a huge amount to report this week. I’ve done pretty well with the reads and sits and not tangible requirements. Still missed a couple though.

To be honest this week, I’ve just been trying to take action and get some smart goals done. And I’ve been making progress. I’ve decided Feb is all about creating a new showreel for my acting and so I’ve been putting plans in place to shoot some scenes later this month. The goal is to have it all done by the end of Feb. Actually, I good idea came to me for a comedy scene whilst I was doing a sit. It wasn’t planned, more intuition… and I remember reading in one of the masterkey lessons a couple of weeks back that when intuition comes knocking you should welcome it in… and I’ve always followed my instincts so will continue to do so.

I also planned out my week using OATS again. One thing that I’ve really learned about myself is that I put slightly unrealistic goals on there, I try to do too much in one week and don’t end up doing everything…This is because I lack focus and follow through. But it’s great to know these things about myself and I’m glad I’m using OATS as it still helps me get more done and I’m learning how to be better at using it.

The word for this week was Self-Control, which I’ve had a lot of. I’ve exercised 4 times, I still haven’t smoked (for over a month now) and I managed to complete dry January (no alcohol) so I’m pretty pleased with that.

Still feel that I could step things up a gear in terms of enthusiasm, but I really enjoyed the TED about happiness, goal post moving, gratefulness and I can feel that I’m generally in a better mood and have more time for people, so that’s really good.

If I’m honest, kinda glad we’ve got a week off this week, just gives me a bit more time to digest everything and keep working on those smart goals.

3 thoughts on “Master Key Week 18

  1. Hey Jules! Great job on so many things – completing your tasks, smart goals, no drinking, no smoking, the OATS – I actually just came across this in my MKMMA notes from like week 3 or something like that and saw a note next to the slide to watch the video on it and need to get back to that too. Your showreel sounds really interesting and I’m anxious to hear how it progresses and ends up. Keep up the great work it seems like you are making some great progress!


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